Carly Fekete
Event Designer & Coordination Specialist

Photo by Sophie Epton Photography

How did you get your start in event planning?

It comes as no surprise that I ended up as a wedding planner. I was a true social butterfly growing up and not a weekend passed without my planning some sort of activity for my friends or classmates. Events were the only thing I ever wanted to do and they're truly second nature. I started catering during college and worked close to 150 weddings which gave me insight into all the ins and outs of special events. While I wasn't planning yet, I was soaking everything up like a fly on the wall. After graduating, I moved to NYC and landed my first job with Cait and Jules. I subsequently worked for David Stark Design where I saw events on a completely new level and I was hooked!

How would you describe your event style?

I was born and bread in the northeast, and I love adding some northern grit to my design work. Constantly pushing the envelope and keeping things fresh is always top of mind, and I can attribute much of my aesthetic to my time spent in Brooklyn, NY. With the mindset that everyday is a reason to celebrate, I strive to turn the mundane into magic with each event.

What's your favorite aspect of wedding and event planning?

Working with so many different people is almost like traveling to me. I get a sneak peak into peoples personalities. What their traditions are, what food they choose, what direction they take their design. It's a constant form of inspiration and leaves no room for monotony. 

What can we find you doing when you're not working on events?

When I'm not traveling or hosting visitors I spend a good chunk of my time here in Austin either kayaking, at barre class, or trying to find the best restaurants with my soon-to-be hubby Derrek. A lot of my professional life spills into my personal life. I'm happiest entertaining friends, cooking, decorating, or planning the perfect itinerary.

What's your greatest career accomplishment thus far?

It may sound corny, but being surrounded by a community of women and strong creative personalities that I look up to. When you envision what you're looking for a career as a child a lot of times you think of it monetarily but I never knew how heavily I'd be rewarded to be in such an inspiring community. Also planning events at some of the most iconic places in New York City like The Plaza Hotel, The Metropolitan Opera, New York City Public Library, Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center, Central Park Zoo and Citifield. Those experiences continue to feed my inspiration as I grow as a planner.